Updated 2023
HommeGirls Ideations


Building off of Hommegirls original style briefing newsletter, the format could be expanded into a feature or series that consistently breaks down style suggestions in line with Hommegirl’s branding.

This series could follow a social media calendar that’s either weekly or bi-weekly and helps to maintain active readership, but also invokes interest in Hommegirl’s own line of dress shirt, boxer shorts, and vintage re-works.

Fig. 01

ABOVE: Hommegirl’s Original Style Brief Newsletter

Fig. 02

AS SEEN ABOVE: Redesigned, the new style brief newsletter removes borders for a minimal appearance. Instead of referencing one style, the framework makes use of multiple style references to communicate a clear theme and story behind the style suggestions.

In this case, based on the references, this newsletter frames the current theme of staying home, and what we usually wear at home, as a staple of every Hommegirl uniform. The copy is to the point, and provides hyperlinks to similar items that are featured below. The “cut out” art of the style references, also helps to tie in and contextualize the ad-hoc and xeroxed look of similar Hommegirl features like ‘At Homme’ Stories via their Instagram.


AS SEEN BELOW: Another example of a style brief newsletter references the style of model Mica Arganaraz. Here, instead of style suggestions by other brands, the references allude to Hommegirl’s own pieces from their Vintage Lab Series and The Shirt Project. 

DESCRIPTION: In addition to Mica’s style being a perfect example of  Hommegirl’s vision, the point is that how she dresses feels realistic. It’s not performative, it’s not on trend, in as much as it speaks to the silhouettes that can be found in HG’s product offerings—above all, Mica’s attitude is clearly reflected in her dress. And it’s that sentiment that attracts the readership drawn to the publication. 

Fig. 02