Joya “Smell Me” campaign


*Leadership at Joya requested a marketing campaign that messaged brand identity, locale and voice.

The objective was to express a sense of romanticism, but also find a way to communicate the level of innovation Joya was attuned to.

The result I came up with was a "scented mural.” Located on Flushing Ave, a block around Joya’s original studio, the handpainted mural woud diffuse unique fragrances to passerbys in the area.

Programmed monthly, the wall would base it scents on quarterly themes (like chocolate egg cream, reefer, croissants, etc.) based on product launches and expressive whims.

By scanning a giant QR code, passerbys could also receive words of wisdoms, exclusive giveaway links and general info about Joya’s upcoming projects.

The artwork was inspired by Ed Ruscha’s expressive and abstract wordplay. The call-to-action of “SMELL ME” is funny and vague enough to intrigue people passing the mural, but not so “commercial” to feel like a gimmick or classic advert. 

. *Behind the scenes work on Mural: 

Inspired by Ed Rushca’s body of work. 

Finished advert: